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[영어에세이] Love
문춘회 ㅣ 기사 승인 2022-12-06 09  |  668호 ㅣ 조회수 : 156


 A clear autumn has come. The abundance and nature that we reap in autumn have given us a lot of enlightenment. Generosity comes and goes due to affection with neighbor

 He inherited almost withering from the owner of a wooden pot who judged that he could not live through the winter. I pulled out the trees from the tree pot and separated them from the pot and brought them to my daughter's car. The trees had to save the land by pouring water into the jars. After such a busy week, after school on Saturday, my daughter Jin and I took the trees out of the water, wrapped them in bags, loaded them into the car, and headed for the countryside. When we almost arrived in the countryside, we saw bricks next to the lined persimmon trees, and we went to the owner to get as many bricks as we needed. I divided up the car several times and brought the bricks. I managed to move the trees to the ground and planted them. It was very difficult to put tree love into practice. The grandmother next door said, "What's that tree you planted?" "The tree withered and moved it from the pot." "Where did you get it?" "From Seoul". "Don't bring it! Why do you bring bricks?" "I got it from the neighborhood." "What are you doing?" "You'll need it if you put plastic on it when it's cold."”

 My grandmother hated it. It's Sunday after a night's sleep. My grandmother next door carried a bag on her shoulder and asked me to go to the field and pick peppers, so I followed my grandmother's field for the first time with a bucket. Cabbage and chives were growing next to the wide red pepper field. He said, "Don't pick red peppers, just pick blue ones!" and diligently picked them. "Put anchovies, boil them down, salt them, and enjoy the meal." When the bucket was full, we bought my grandmother's favorite jokbal at a chicken and jokbal restaurant located close by and gave it to her. We enjoyed the chicken, feeling the love of our neighbors It was Monday after another night's sleep. The grandmother next door picked Jin's favorite grapes. We picked persimmons from persimmon trees to go to Seoul. My grandmother knocked on the perilla seeds and I uprooted each cornfield I had eaten in the summer.s.

 It was late at night when I loaded this and that into my car and came up to Seoul. Ayoung, who lives upstairs in Seoul, called her grandmother before it was too late. "Take the peppers you grew in the countryside. I'm late today, so I'm going to hang it in two bags in a bag of persimmon, red pepper, and black." The grandmother upstairs, who replied, "I got it," found out 10 years ago. As I was busy with business, I was short of kimchi, so I got deliciously sour kimchi from my grandmother, and my relationship deepened. I slept at my house in Seoul for a night, and I hung it from the basement to the fourth floor of my house with persimmons and peppers at every door, and even texted, "This year's farming harvest is small, but enjoy it." The yard is wide, so even the grandfather in the neighborhood who sometimes brought in the flowerpot, all shared love with the neighbors, and washed and dried winter clothes in preparation for winter.

 Now I packed some things in my bag and walked a few stops to get to my father in a hurry. Mom was with the elderly in the neighborhood with a cane in the household vacant lot in front of the house. My father was sleeping. "Mom, I bought seaweed, cucumbers, and some meat at the market on my way here. This chili pepper was brought from the countryside." Meanwhile, my father woke up. When I asked my father, "Aren't you getting an anti-cancer injection today?" his eldest brother replied that he had to go on the date he was asked to come. It was worthwhile for my eldest brother to go to the hospital every day when his father was treated. My younger brother helped me a lot with my financial difficulties. The youngest sister is a sister who comes every Sunday, cleans the house, gives her father a bath, runs necessary errands, and lives hard from Pocheon. I always tried to give my father joy with pleasant stories, not to let go of hope. I thanked my mom when I got a good result. "Mom! People around me say that my mom is diligent and takes care of my dad for this long. Everyone says she's good." How do I help my mom when she's having a hard time? Yes, let's cheer up for family love!

 When my father suffered from bladder cancer, the family actually did not dare to operate. He was over 90 years old, and because of the fact that cancer was not in its early stages, his father chose surgery. He recovered faster than his family had worried, and he ate well.

 I sometimes complained that my husband spends more time at various gatherings than at home. I now accept it as an audit that he asked why he did such a service while doing the general affairs here and there. Wake up after my father's surgery and I thanked him for everything in the world.

 For the purpose of recuperating, my father wanted to live in and out of Seoul from Gangwon-do. I told my father, "I met an old man in a village in Gangwon-do a month ago. Spring water flowed out of the place where my father would stay, and in the past, villagers lived in the water. It doesn't freeze even in winter, so you can use drinking water. It's an hour away from the border with Gyeonggi-do, so you can go there in a day on the street. Also, if you rest in the shade next to the spring water site, no matter how hot it is, it is not hot. The heat has gone away this year. Please go next year and rest and recuperate. The blankets and pots are ready, but there are many mosquitoes. My grandmother downstairs smokes mosquito repellent. Too many mosquitoes come in to do that. You can boil mugwort water on cinnamon and spray it with a sprayer."

 After finishing the family love story of hope, I had to come home, sleep, wake up at dawn, and organize my notes diligently. Today is a day to share basic vocabulary and sentences non-face-to-face to help juniors and alumni learn English easily. I was hungry after uploading the basic English that I organized my notes to the windows stored on my phone. That's right! Let's overcome it with the power of love today.

 After cooking, washing dishes and washing dishes, and listening to the news of the neighborhood from the lady next door. "The man on the second floor right in front of my house sold out two cars that the couple drove." "Why?" "He bought a motorcycle because he didn't even have a parking lot." The two houses next door that live on the side of the road were damaged and lined up on the fence." "Why?" "It means that a moving car had an accident while moving things." "I see." Both houses are destroyed. Your wife's house has been repaired for several days, and now it doesn't leak? "Yes -- I think it's been repaired well." "Thank God." She returned to my house with a warm greeting of love.

 Then I went up to the fourth floor of my house.

 "Mother, where is it because it's leaking?" You found a leak. I'm glad."

 "I applied the silicon where it fell, so it'll be okay now.”

 "Thank you. Find it yourself and apply it. Anyway, it rained a lot this year. You worked hard.

 I put persimmons and peppers next to the door. Did you eat? This year, the yield has decreased."

 "Yes, thank you for the meal."

 "It's a persimmon vinegar. "How can you give me something precious?"

 "I often come up to the 4th floor, saying that they are banging on us from the 3rd to the 4th floor. We walk lightly with our heels up."

 "Yes, wouldn't it be our fault to stomp around in my house on the second floor?" They say we'll be careful from now on. I should get going." Let's try to be our home where love blooms.A few days later, I had to pack a lunch box, find a library next to Namsan Mountain, and do my homework in the free reading room for today. You have to go outside to study. I can't lie down at home.

 Also, today, I went to the Alpha Station in Namdaemun to buy the fast charger I needed. I walked for him. "Give me a high-speed charger." "Go up to the 4th floor." I bought something I needed and the building is huge! Thinking about it, I entered a restaurant filled with back alleys of Namdaemun. As soon as I shouted the famous braised cutlassfish, "Right! This is the taste!" the lady at the next table expressed that she wanted to drink the coffee I had after finishing her meal with the braised cutlassfish I had. I made coffee, gave it to the wife, and went straight out.

 After passing Myeongdong subway station, it must be near Myeongdong Cathedral. When you climb the hill, you can see Euljiro Paik Hospital, and you pass the Lotte City Hotel on your way down. Foreigners were entering the hotel in many sightseeing cars. I thought it was impossible to walk any more, so I had to find transportation. What did I feel after such a busy day? What was Namdaemun like in the past?

 How much did our ancestors go through to protect our small country from the old times? Our task today is to increase the shrinking population so that we can protect our prosperous nation to future generations. Where is a place of love in Korea where men and women can meet naturally? These days, Apgujeong-dong and Seoul Forest were Namsan Mountain in Mugyo-dong, centering on Myeong-dong! With the trend of the times, young people gather in the Seoul forest near Seongsu-dong these days, and Mangwon-dong is also turning into a busy destination. Our future will be a country envied by the world if many foreigners visit here and there by shedding new light on the streets where love blooms and our youth gather to create and build. Already, foreigners love Korea. Let's cultivate and build. Our hope is light. Light must pass through the darkness like clay before bright light comes. It is a country that has endured many hardships. Now, let's love each other and cultivate this river and grow further with the power of creation! And let's love!

 October 15th, 2022

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